No Communication – A Habit Of All

There have been numerous articles about how brands and healthcare organisations fail to use social media as a tool for interaction and communication. Now it seems that patients are just as hesitant when it comes to talking to their physicians on different social media sites.

While patients do use social media to gather health information, they are not interested in having a dialogue with organisations and healthcare representatives. According to a national Capstrat-Public Policy Polling survey carried out in the USA, people are more likely complete administrative tasks and billing online, but 85 percent of respondents said, they would not use social media sites for communicating with their doctor if they had the option.

“It appears consumers are willing to move administrative experiences such as bill payment and records access online, but when it comes to conferring with their healthcare providers, people still prefer more traditional communications,”  Capstrat President Karen Albritton stated.

So who’s going to make the first step to use social media for what it’s created for?

(Source: Americans not ready to use social media to talk to their doc)

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