The Future Generation Of Online Physicians

A recent blog post on made me feel more hopeful than ever about the future of online health. The post published by Jin Packard, a 1st year medical student proved to me that in a few years we won’t have to talk about IF online presence is important, but rather about HOW a physician’s online profile could be perfected.

If you are in medical school chances are you spent your high school years checking Facebook on a daily basis, connecting with your friends online and sharing content that you found interesting. In this case your question is not going to be whether you need an online profile, but how you can enter the professional world and yet keep your online presence appropriate and manageable.

I’m not saying it is without difficulties. I’m not even saying medical students only have advantages because they are comfortable using social media sites. It could be just as hard fitting your previous online activity in a different environment (professional that is) as starting to build your online presence from scratch. Because either way you have to make sure, the digital footprint you leave behind is not going to haunt you later. With a longer period of time spent online that footprint could get bigger and bigger. And honestly, who considers the consequences of a Facebook picture in 10th grade?

Reading the thoughts of a medical student on the professional use of social media is inspiring. Not just because the post raises important questions about recent issues in social media. But because it shows the possibility of a great new generation of online physicians.

Check out Jin Packard’s blog, the Fresh White Coat for more interesting and exciting articles.


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