e-Patients And Their Health Habits

Social media could be a great staring point for clinical trials. According to a study carried out by Blue Chip Patient Recruitment, e-patients who are active social media users are 60% more likely to have participated in clinical trials.

The data published in the research suggest, that patients using social media are more active in other areas as well when it comes to their health. They are 37% more likely to agree that medication helped imrove their lives, and 21% more likely to be willing to try advanced medication. They are also 29% more likely to visit their doctor for check-ups. They are 39% more likely to state that their condition resulted in a limited lifestyle.

There is one area where patients didn’t seem so active: online communities. When asked about their activities in online communities 80% of the respondents (between the age of 25 and 54) stated that they are reading the posts of others while only a little more than 30% said that they take part in providing content. So sharing posts and comments is definitely less significant compared to looking for information.

(Source: World of DTC Marketing)

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