Poll: Most Useful Social Platform In Healthcare

In the most recent Social Faceoff segment of Mashable.com readers can vote for their favorite social media platform. In a time when the competition is heating up with Google+ making sure the developers at Facebook and Twitter don’t get too comfortable, the question is relevant: which one would you choose? Of course you can vote for more than one site but at the end it comes down to Facebook vs. Twitter vs. Google+.

I do agree that with more and more social media applications present online, users have to make decisions. Everyone has 24 hours in a day, which can often seem too little for long hours spent online. But I also think that asking the readers of Mashable won’t result in representative data. Mashable.com is rightfully known as the number one place to go for anything related to social media and the web, so chances are the site has the most up-to-date, early adopter audience. And as an audience like that, it is more likely to be drawn to Google+ right now, to the next big thing in social media. That is why as of now, Google+ leads the way in the poll with 38.5%, followed by Facebook (23%) and Twitter (19%).

It will be interesting to see the end result of Mashable’s poll. But in the meantime I would like to ask the question in a slightly different way. Which social media platform is best to use for healthcare marketing, to reach patients? Please, vote below!

(Source: Mashable.com)

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