H2Onlinehu provides commentaries about online communication with a special focus on healthcare, pharma marketing and social media. Our aim is to closely monitor best practices, related news and research items.


H2Online digital marketing agency was founded in 2008. Possessing its own e-health media portfolio in Hungary, H2Online has a special range of services. By creating unique values with our work, our aim is to help our Clients to implement their online appearance and to support their path to their success with our professional services, innovative solutions and comprehensive programs. Visit our website at www.h2online.com and follow us at @H2Ohu.

The bloggers

Gábor Gyarmati

Entrepreneur and Investor, Founder and Owner of Market Research and Marketing Communication Companies like H2Online and Szinapszis Ltd. Interested in pharmaceutical and health marketing solutions and research, mystery shopping, online communication. Also a wine enthusiast and political science geek. Contact Gábor at Gyarmati.Gabor (at) h2online.hu.

Andrea Kammerer

Online Marketing Assistant at H2Online Ltd. Interested in social media, online communication and Health 2.0. Also a restless tweeter, facebooker and music maniac. Contact Andrea at Kammerer.Andrea (at) h2online.hu.

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