Health Apps – Make Them Simple And User-Friendly

There’s no arguing that health related mobile apps are widely popular. When you look at the number of downloads, that is. The picture is a little different when you dig deeper and take a closer look at how costumers are using these applications.

A recent study carried out by the Consumer Health Information Corporation (CHIC) showed that 26 percent of the downloaded apps are used only once. And that’s not the only surprising data. 74 percent of people, who used their apps more than once stated, that they quit the app after the 10th time. So what could be the solution? What makes apps effective and worth keeping.

The study also suggested, that the top reasons for quitting an app are the release of better versions and lack of user-friendly features. Also, more than 90 percent of respondents said that easy navigation is a key element, as well as gaining information. Almost 80 percent stated, that they would be more likely to use health apps that can give feedback in an interactive way.

So there they are, the key elements for a successful health application:

  • user-friendly, easy to navigate
  • constant updates
  • rich in informative content
  • interactive

These days people are surrounded by technologies that have these key components. They are used to quick solutions, easy-to-use devices and programs. And it’s safe to say they are not going to settle for anything less when it comes to health apps.

(Source: HealthcareITNews)