Mobile Email Marketing – User Habits To Consider

More and more people access their email account from their smartphones – and this fact should be considered when sending out newsletters.

Of the 6.9 Billion people on the world today 5.2 Billion own a mobile phone. To put that into perspective: of the world’s population 1.6 Billion people own a TV, 1.2 Billion own computers and 1 Billion own cars. So to say that mobile email marketing has a great potential is an understatement. But to create an effective strategy, we need to know how people use their mobile devices.

According to an analysis published by Google, from 89% of smartphone users who took part in the study 82% stated, that they use email applications on their devices regularly. Another research conducted in London’s e-Dialog office supports the previous findings suggesting that reading and sending emails on mobile phones are common activities, especially among younger users. Also, the study states that email marketing is clearly more effective with those having a smartphone compared to those who own mobiles with basic features. One of the key elements to a successful email marketing campaign is investing great efforts into usability. Easy to use applications and easy to view messages result in higher engagement whereas problems with usability is often the reason for lack of success.

The infographic summarizes the findings of the study on mobile habits by e-Dialog:


(Source: The Relevant Marketer, Marketing Morzsák)